Types of Presentations for KAYFOR 15

Participants can present their papers in the following formats for KAYFOR 15:

1. Panel: Verbal presentation in the panels of 4 persons.

2. Poster: Poster presentation at an indicated location and set time. Sample 1

3. Virtual Presentations: Video recordings (.avi, .mp4, and .flv) and Power Point/Prezi etc. presentation of virtual presentations will be played at the related session, and presenters will be connected via Skype. Thus, the audiences will be able to ask their questions to the presenter of the virtual presentation. Time allocated for the virtual presentations is as 15 minutes for video recordings and 5 minutes for the discussion session. Virtual presentations ought to be submitted till October 13, 2017 for technical arrangements. By sending an e-mail to kayfor15@sdu.edu.tr, you can submit your virtual presentations (video recordings, Power Point/Prezi etc. presentations) or the link where the presentations can be downloaded. Video size is requested to be no larger than 100 Mb. With the submission of the video recording, the presenter should also provide the following information in the e-mail content. -Name and Last name -Affiliated institution -SKYPE address to be contacted On the day of the congress, the presenting authors will be contacted and are expected to be online on Skype at least 30 minutes before the presentation time. The author will be contacted only if the audiences have any questions for the presenter. Otherwise, the presenter will be provided with the feedback of the presentation conducted without any problem or questions from the audiences.

4. Panel with a Determined Topic: 3 to 4 academicians, researchers, professionals and/or students, who work in the same field, on the same topic or in the same or similar projects may offer a panel for KAYFOR 15. They are encouraged to contact the KAYFOR 15 organizers by e-mail or phone to arrange the panel.